Seamless take-up as students commence PoP exam

Seamless take-up as students commence PoP exam

The Pen-on-Paper (PoP) examination of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) has commenced on Monday, July 2nd across the 78 study centres of the university.

Reports from Regional Media Officers in the six geo-political regions had it that the exercise, which will last for three weeks, started on a sound footing, with zero glitches across the centres.

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Abdalla Uba Adamu was himself at the Kano study centre, where he inspected the smooth conduct of the exercise, while other principal officers, directors and deans of faculties monitored the examination at different centres nationwide.

Upon the completion of the PoP examination, the e-examination meant for the students at the levels 1 and 2, would commence and will also last for similar duration.

The unique nature of the university means that it integrates both the traditional booklet examination found in the conventional universities and the online examination module, to reflect its Open and Distance Learning (ODL) status.





This is to inform you that, the tmas porter has not been functioning smoothly as before this semeser. Tma3 to be precise, has not been opening since the beginning of this week. I have been trying to do my tma3 since the beginning of this week, yet all do not avail. Today is the dateline for the submission of tma3, yet most of our students have not submitted theirs.
Sir, the mandate of this school is to make education accessible, flexible and affordable to the work force in Nigeria.
Therefore, if the process of acquiring education in Nigeria through NOUN becomes so frustrating as it is, then Noun has deviated on it mandates.
Of course you know the implications of not doing a complete tmas in a semmester which is that, a re registration of a semester for those courses is to be done.
Sir, let it not be that, the school management is doing this to frustrate it students thereby extorting them at the school own advantage. If that is the case, then NOUN mandate has been subverted and abberated.
But if NOUN believes in it objectives of making education flexible, accessible and affordable, then let it hear the cry of frustrated students whom it is trying to graduate and translate into the society and even be proud of some days.
If that is the case, then let the school management restore service to the porter within the remaining hours left to it closure or extend the dateline for the submission of TMAs. Because, the problem is not from the students, it is as a result of systemic failure. I am grateful as you grant our request.
From law faculty.

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