Obasanjo supervises undergraduates’ projects

Today, a former President of Nigeria, Dr Olusegun Obasanjo, was at the Abeokuta, Ogun state study centre of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) to start work as a students facilitator.

Today, a former President of Nigeria, Dr Olusegun Obasanjo, was at the Abeokuta, Ogun state study centre of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) to start work as a students facilitator.

He met with two final-year undergraduate students of Christian Theology assigned to him by the university for supervision.

The two students are Elijah Egehedi-Oke and Toriola Abigael.

Obasanjo was appointed recently as a facilitator - an academic counsel for students - by the management of NOUN following his graduation this year as the first PhD holder from the university.

Photos show Dr Obasanjo arriving at the Abeokuta Study Centre and meeting with his students.





wao Baba you too much, I am highly encourage to shoot up my carrier.

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As a child I was taught by UPE-benefiary teachers. Many of them later became heads of schools, colleges and institutions,n ministries.....
UPE was in the late 70s...79 'Obasanjo's regime n its love for access to quality education'

In the year 2002, I was again trained as a teacher (Pivotal Teachers Training Programme) for UBE...It was all tuition free.
Whose administration was it?

In the year 2006 it became a reality that I would soon become a successful university graduate, as I gained admission into NOUN!
Whose brainchild is NOUN....?
He did not indulge in one of such political gimmicks of embarking on white elephant projects....

He became part of it. He practically passed through the tough times of a new beginning with the pioneer students!
I'm talking about none other but the man I would love to meet one on one...Baba himself. Lover of education. The man who did not forget the grassroots.

Thank you for not allowing corruption to kill NOUN! God bless you!



Not only did he buy into the idea of OPEN UNIVERSITY, he actively facilitated its formulation and formation into reality, registered as student no. 1 and has become the first to bag a doctorate from the same Institution. He has taken up facilitator-ship in a study centre in effect under a centre director who reports to a faculty head who reports to the VC. This demonstrates not only commitment and faith in the NOUN project, but rare humility from a two time Head of state!

More grease to this ICON!!!



I really appreciate it



Dr Olusegun Obasanjo have dare to be different from other Nigerian leaders who may think having occupied a political position has brought knowledge to an end. But, this is a humble leader of inestimable value who understands that knowledge is never a waste. I will like to use this time to congratulate you as a Doctor of NOUN whose student i am and also appreciate your great contribution towards the fulfilment of the Nigerian DREAM. Bravo.



Uncle Obasanjo's greater height in academics is a good lesson for everyone to learn from. Indeed, there is no
age limit to education. Honestly, this has encouraged me to register as a student in NOUN notwithstanding my
present status.



The man Gen. Dr, Baba, Chief MOA
O is truly an icon to reckon with in our generation, he served his country selflessly during his youthful days as an army, served the country as a civilian head of state and now serving his country as a facilitator in the education sector. I love you so affectionately baba more years of fruitful service to humanity.



Dr. Obasanjo, it's good to have you as one of our facilitators at NOUN.
I would have been very happy and fulfilled if you can be my facilitator in my MSc study at NOUN.
Looking forward to be a Dr. at NOUN like you...
You are welcome sir!



With total humility sir, I hereby express my happiness and sincere gratitude for allowing yourself to be used by God as an exemplary personality, worthy of emulating.
More strength to your elbows sir.
Your legacy will forever be acknowed.

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